Sustainability at SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection

SupaBoard Temporary Floor Protection has always been one of the most environmentally friendly surface protection products available on the market. In the past year, we have taken a step further to further minimize our carbon footprint.

Below are some of the major changes that we have made to our product, packaging and operations for a sustainable future.

  • Paper Source for SupaBord Production: The source of our temporary floor protection paper is an FSC-compliant mixture of recycled material.

    This unique blend comprises recycled pulp, which poses difficulties in obtaining certification due to the variability of feedstock origins based on waste material availability.

  • Water Source for SupaBord Production: The water used during production of SupaBord temporary floor protection is reclaimed water that undergoes treatment. We adhere to all necessary regulations, ensuring that we do not discharge into any waterways.

    This approach facilitates recycling after product use, and in the event of landfill disposal, it prevents environmental contamination as all materials used in the production of our protective floor coverings are biodegradable.

  • Energy Source for SupaBord distribution: The energy utilised for SupaBord floor protection roll production and manufacturing is entirely renewable. In the past year, we have achieved carbon positivity through the adoption of solar energy.

    We generate nearly 100,000 KW of solar energy, resulting in a reduction of approximately 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions. This effectively offsets the carbon emissions associated with transportation logistics for all our independent hardware stores customers (Mitre10, HTH, HBT, IHG) and trade customers.

  • Packaging Changes to SupaBord: Bord Industries has made significant improvements to packaging of our contractor grade floor protection roll, aiming to eliminate plastic and reduce waste at the customers’ end. Our new SupaBord roll design features no external plastic packaging, and the ink used for floor protection roll printing is non-toxic.

    Additionally, our pallet configuration now employs recycled compressed wood, which requires no fumigation and can be easily recycled by consumers. We have also updated the packaging for our Joint Tapes and Edge Tapes, which are now plastic-free and encased in recycled paper tubes to protect the product. This ensures that all of our product range from floor protection coverings to tapes are plastic free across board.

We are continuously enhancing our SupaBord product range to provide superior quality of floor protection rolls to our customers while prioritising environmental sustainability.