SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection

Due to the high demand to protect clients’ custom-made expensive flooring, SupaBord was developed by Bord Industries, a partnership joint venture between prominent timber flooring manufacturers and one of Australia’s largest paper companies.

SupaBord has fast become a proven and trusted temporary surface protection product for commercial, residential construction and renovation projects.

Incorporating the latest technology in surface protection and providing a balance of vapour permeability, durability and versatility, our team of specialists at Bord Industries have developed a premium product that is SupaBord. Put to the test to withstand the demands of the construction industry, SupaBord is flexible yet strong, raising the standards in surface protection for floors, benchtops and stairs.

SupaBord gives you peace of mind when protecting your valuable floors and surfaces and is the leading brand of choice among contractors worldwide.

SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection