About Us

Bord Industries is a world leader in the production and distribution of recycled temporary floor protection. With our Base in Melbourne, we distribute our products through independent hardware retailers to support the general construction market. We designed the product to be site tough, durable and cost-effective. Our resellers have stable repeat orders and a growing customer base for this product which is leading the category.

We are the only product on the market to go plastic free, this is a new requirement for European markets and will be part of the product from early 2023 in Australia.

Unlike our competition which is available at big box retail at a much higher rate, we aim to keep it a super competitive place in the market so the end users don’t risk protection over the cost of the product.

We distribute the product in a paper skid of 9 rolls, 270m2 and encourage the end users to buy in full skids with specials to help the stock move in more volume. We ask that you not sell the tapes as a stand-alone but as part of a package with protection. We know many stores have requested for the tape as customers typically purchase an inferior product that is unable to supply the tapes. Most of these purchases will buy the complete package from you when the tapes are not available freely.

HBT is an important part of our distribution in Australia, we have had a long relationship with the shoes and look at welcoming more stores to our distribution as your network grows. For the month of November, all HBT orders will receive complimentary joint tapes to match the roll orders.

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