Health and safety is critical on construction sites.  Spillage, particularly cement and paint, can cause unnecessary rework triggering delays in project delivery.  Careless and accidental spills can also result in additional labour and material costs.  Spill resist your work site with SupaBord.

SupaBord is a safe, non-slip durable working surface, which is why it the leading brand of choice for contractors.  It contains a unique 60-hour spill resist technology that repels liquid spillage to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.  The spill resist feature makes SupaBord safe to walk on, even when wet, which is why it is the most reliable temporary floor protection on the market.

A recycled paper-based product, SupaBord is not designed to withstand large amounts of water, constant moisture or drenching.  Common light spills such as water, paint, plaster and adhesives generally have no impact on the SupaBord structure.  We recommend all spills be cleaned up as quickly as possible.  Concentrated spillage on SupaBord should be cleaned up immediately and if necessary, the damaged section removed and replaced.


  • Non-slip reducing accidents
  • 60-hour spill resist technology
  • Repels water, paint, dirt and more
  • Safe to work on, even when wet