Damage to floors and surfaces on construction sites can be costly, wasting time and money.  Installing SupaBord with its unique Quick Fit feature can prevent damage quickly and easily.

An exclusive feature only available in SupaBord is the integrated horizontal and vertical measurement system, which eliminates the guesswork when installing temporary floor protection.  Installation is simple as SupaBord can be accurately cut and folded on site with minimal handling and waste, a feature not available in any other temporary floor protection on the market.  Another added measurement feature is the SupaBord logo that is uniquely spaced exactly 1 metre apart, making quick fitting easy and preferred by contractors worldwide.

The quick fit system allows for multiple cuts to be made without rehandling materials, ideal for surface protection on stairs, bench tops and walls.  SupaBord rolls are 800 mm wide for convenient ergonomic handling.


  • Quick fit system for fast installation
  • Unique horizontal and vertical measurement
  • Eliminates guess work
  • Saves time, money and reduce waste