Construction traffic can cause floor and surface damage on work sites, which can be costly to repair.  Get premium temporary floor protection and reduce the risk of damage with SupaBord Heavy Duty.

SupaBord Heavy Duty is the toughest surface protection on the market at around 1 mm thickness.  Outperforming other products of the same thickness due to its well-bound design, SupaBord Heavy Duty is flexible yet durable, handling most construction traffic including forklifts.  SupaBord Heavy Duty’s unique fibre composition and blending process results in a strong and tough surface, while maintaining spill resist and breathability features.  We recommended using double layers of SupaBord Heavy Duty in high/heavy traffic areas, for added peace of mind against the risk of damage.


  • Heavy duty at around 1 mm thickness
  • Tough while maintaining spill resist and breathability benefits
  • Flexible and durable to withstand construction traffic
  • Protects surfaces including wood, concrete, stone, marble, tile, linoleum
temporary floor protection