Smaller unique surfaces can be easily damaged on the construction site.  Unnecessary rework increases costs in labour and materials that reduce profitability and can trigger project delays.  SupaBord temporary floor protection is versatile as it can be easily cut and folded accurately to fit unique surfaces providing maximum protection.

SupaBord is the new standard in temporary surface protection on the market.  Using the Quick Fit marking system, SupaBord is a multipurpose product that can be scored for folding to suit trends and rises, making it the ideal surface protection for stairs and bench tops.  At a convenient width of 800mm, SupaBord lays flat making it easy and fast to install with minimal handling, which is why it is the preferred brand by trade contractors worldwide.


  • Cut and folds accurately
  • Lays flat and fast
  • Versatile – use on bench tops and stairs
  • Saves on labour costs from rework
temporary floor protection