Surfaces that are unable to breathe during the curing process can result in uneven finishes, discoloration of coatings and patchiness.  Rework increases labour and material costs, reduces profits and causes delays in project delivery.  Reduce the risk with SupaBord.

SupaBord is the culmination of the latest technology in temporary surface protection, extensive field-testing and feedback from clients.  Achieving the optimal balance between spill resist and breathability, SupaBord is the most advanced temporary floor protection product on the market.  The exclusive breathable design of SupaBord allows vapour and moisture to evaporate permitting the natural curing process of surfaces to take place whilst being protected from damage and spills.  This successful balance allows floor coatings to cure and dry and tile grout to seal, cure and dry.


  • Allows natural curing
  • Vapour permeable
  • Moisture evaporation
  • Breathable