SupaBord Renovator Grade is our dependable medium-duty, temporary floor protection solution, catering to the needs of shorter-term commercial and residential construction projects.

Experience the forefront of floor protection technology with SupaBord Renovator Grade. This innovative product strikes a perfect balance, offering a lightweight design while delivering optimal vapour permeability, durability, and strength. Tailored to meet the challenges of residential renovations, SupaBord Renovator Grade exhibits low impact resistance and proves resilient against light wheeled traffic. Covering an area of 26.5 sqm per roll, this product is highly versatile, being easily scored and folded for protecting surfaces, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding benchtops and stairs.

SupaBord Renovator Grade prevents the unwanted costs of damage and rework, all while enjoying significant savings on both material and labor costs. SupaBord Renovator Grade stands as the preferred brand among renovators worldwide.


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  • Size: 800mm wide x 33m long x 0.75mm thick, covers 26.5sqm
Specifications & Material Safety Data Sheet