Unlocking the Secrets Behind SupaBord’s Unrivaled Excellence in Temporary Floor Protection

Welcome to the ultimate guide on what makes SupaBord the superior choice for temporary floor protection. In the competitive landscape of the construction and renovation industry, SupaBord stands as a beacon of not only innovation, but also sustainability. Explore the key features that make SupaBord the go-to solution for contractors and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

Eco-Friendly Excellence with 100% Recycled Materials

SupaBord leads the industry with its commitment to sustainability, crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, our products are packaged in entirely plastic-free materials, showcasing our profound commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Heavy Duty Protection For High-Traffic Areas

SupaBord Contractor Grade is the toughest surface protection on the market. Its unique fibre composition and blending process adds even more strength, whilst maintaining flexibility allowing for ease of use and installation. SupaBord’s heavy duty design prevents the risk of damage and rework, saving money on material and labour costs, making it the brand of choice by contractors worldwide.

Innovative Technology for Long-lasting Durability

Experience the difference with SupaBord’s cutting-edge technology, ensuring a design that is both breathable and durable. The breathable design of SupaBord allows vapour and moisture to evaporate, ensuring the natural curing of your floor whilst protecting from damage and spills.

Versatility Tailored to Your Protection Needs

SupaBord isn’t just a floor safeguarding product; it’s a solution tailorable for various protection needs. Whether it’s bespoke timber flooring, polished concrete, stairs or stone countertops, SupaBord is the ideal solution for temporary protection. Featuring exclusive premarked measurements for a quick fit, simply cut and fold for simple, easy and versatile protection!

SupaBord’s commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction make it the unparalleled choice for temporary floor protection. Explore the links above to delve deeper into why SupaBord is the trusted companion for construction and renovation projects globally.

SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection Spill Resist Feature
SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection Quick Fit Feature
SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection Breathable Feature
SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection Heavy Duty Feature
SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection 100% Recycled Feature
SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection Cut and Fold Feature