Within the floor protection market, it’s sometimes unclear as to how products differ amongst their competitors. Which is why we will be explaining the difference and breaking down key components of our SupaBord Standard product and comparing it to another floor protection product, Trimaco X-Board.


We have chosen Trimaco X-Board to be the comparison product of choice, as we believe the dimensions, features and other specifications are the closest alternative to our SupaBord Standard floor protection.

After securing samples of our competitor’s product we took a closer look at a few key areas, the weight and thickness- then comparing it to our own.


This simply means Grams per Square Metre and measures the weight of any given- in this case it is the weight of paper/cardboard for floor protection. The GSM of our competitors’ product was weighed at 350gsm when comparing to our Standard product that is 375gsm.


When comparing the two products, the thickness of a floor protection is a key component as this ultimately determines how well a product can handle trade traffic and spillages on site. The product that the comparison was made with showed that our SupaBord Standard product was thicker whilst still being a breathable floor protection product

All of our SupaBord products contain lineal markers that allow construction workers to know exactly where to cut, allowing for an even and concise cut and fit.

We have always been very competitive with our pricing and we don’t plan on changing this anytime soon! Distributing to only Independent Hardware stores Australia wide, supporting local economies is a top priority.

SupaBord Standard rolls have a RRP of $69.95 for 26.5 metres of floor protection whilst this particular competitors product has a RRP of $79.95 for 27 metres.

Each pallet of SupaBord Standard contains 16 individual rolls, the joint and edge tapes are universal for both SupaBord products- providing the same level of adhesiveness.