As Victoria is in lockdown for another 2 weeks, the light is at the end of the tunnel for those within the state.


Seeing a gradual ease of restrictions and number of cases dropping allows for Contractors and Tradies to start thinking about their next job at hand with no limits in regards to amount of people on site.


This also means that homeowners who are looking to renovate their spaces can visit hardware stores and ensure they can see all the materials and resources that are required.


With Hardware stores only being open for trade sales in Victoria, those working outside of a trade have had limited access to purchase tools and requirements for both small and large-scale jobs


Despite Victoria’s current restrictions, we have continued to operate from our workplace and supply our temporary floor protection rolls and tapes across Australia to the States that have eased restrictions

We are expecting our next container load of SupaBord products to arrive on the 9th of September where we have 2 full containers of our Heavy Duty range and tapes.


Despite getting to our final few pallets, we’re very certain that we will not completely run out leaving hardware stores with zero floor protection!


We hope that by the end of September, all jobs of any degree will have access to all tools and materials without restrictions hindering the final purchase decision


During this lockdown period, there has been an evaluation of our current product line and we think that our floor protection products can be even better than before!


If you are looking to purchase SupaBord products, head over to our website to find an Independent Hardware store near you!


Or, head over to our Instagram to see how our products have successfully protected the floors of many homes and commercial spaces.