Being well established in the Asian and European floor protection market, SupaBord has been the lead supplier of floor protection across many commercial jobs overseas. From Guatemala, South Korea to the UK, SupaBord has supplied to a variety of different climates and countries.

Having supplied the UK construction industry with SupaBord in the past, there have been new competitors enter the market through the likes of Timco.

Being advocate for healthy competition in a particular market, we would also like to inform all existing and potential SupaBord suppliers about our competitively priced product range along with the additional features which we offer with long term and frequent customers!

At SupaBord we’ve always been proud of being an extremely competitively priced product. As a key competitor and well-established product, Ramboard, have a RRP of $99.95-$120.00 in the Australian market and sell for a RRP of $68.99 USD.

We aim to have a consistent price model regardless of the location of our potential or existing clients, and find it interesting to see that customers purchasing our competitors products are charged an unsteady rate based on their geographical location.

Both SupaBord Standard and Heavy Duty rolls have the ability to protect all types of surfaces. From timber, concrete, marble and tiles, SupaBord rolls are breathable and non-abrasive to ensure the floors aren’t damaged after any work on site has taken place.

As always, SupaBord are always looking to establish strong international relationships and show the success of our product in new markets, our social media posts and website contains images and other related content which showcases our products high quality and durability on site.

If you are an international customer looking to expand your sales network along with product range in store, feel free to contact us here, as we are always keen to jump on board with new clients and provide a marketing leading floor protection product along with the increase in sales associated with stocking SupaBord

Check out our Instagram where we post regular content of our products in use or contact our email: for any questions related to SupaBord!