Not only is SupaBord a domestic product, we have been producing our SupaBord products to be distributed worldwide for a lengthy period of time.


As of late we have crossed paths with Korean based supply distributor, Propad. The team down at Propad is a manufacturing and distributing company that specialise in protecting and fitting lift interiors.

Having been involved In the Asian market for flooring protection and construction for quite some time, our products have been proven to withstand extreme humidity and the climate across countries in Asia.


Prior to our latest venture, we have sold and distributed our products across Hong Kong, China, Japan and Vietnam.


Across these countries, we have also been producing custom printed rolls of SupaBord with their company logo placed on the rolls.


Having your surfaces protected whether it’s a commercial or residential space, can save both homeowners and contractors a lot of time, money and spending on external resources to solve any issues that may have been prevented in the first place.


Both of our SupaBord products, whether its Standard or Heavy Duty, offer the highest level of protection within the trade and industry! Both featuring quick fit, breathable and spill resistant features to ensure your floors will be protected.


At SupaBord, we are always looking to take things to new heights. Whether it’s expanding into new markets or testing our products durability in the ever so changing working environment.


Propad is a perfect example of using our floor protection for different types of flooring finishes. As shown on their website and in lift renovations, they apply SupaBord on either unfinished surfaces or on carpet finishes.


Contact us on our website, email, Instagram or call 0438 567 786 to find out more about our products.


If you are a contractor looking to purchase in substantially large volumes, we also offer custom logo printing to increase the level exposure for your company.