Not only has SupaBord proven its success in the domestic market within Australia, more and more contractors around the world are starting to recognise and understand that quality and importance of a heavy-duty floor protection product is essential.


Having formed many client relationships around the world, our most recent project that we have been involved with is based in the heart of South Korea!


After teaming up with Propad earlier this year, who specialise in repairing and fitting lift interiors, we were given a lead by them to be involved with a large commercial project.


This particular job took place in the newly renovated Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul.


With the renovation taking place over the Korean Summer, the conditions were extremely hot and humid. However we knew that being an extremely durable product in Australian climate, the results on site was going to be the same outcome as all of the other jobs which we have applied our floor protection on.


One of SupaBord’s key features is “Breathable”, meaning that any protected surface or floor won’t sweat once either Standard or Heavy Duty rolls have been applied on top, whether its timber or concrete.


Having supplied our products to countries such as Canada, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala and Japan, SupaBord has proven its success and durability over an array of climate conditions.


Whether its extreme humidity, in the middle of winter or an extremely dry summer, there is always an environment that SupaBord will thrive in!


Both SupaBord Standard and SupaBord Heavy Duty serve the purpose of being an extremely durable floor protection product, with the only difference being the length of the rolls and the thickness of each roll.


We welcome both Australian and International customers to see why we are the market leading floor protection product. Check out our Instagram, where we post regular content and images of our products being put to the test!