How to apply and remove Joint Tape:


In a perfect world, there are no set backs, delays or mistakes that would occur on site when completing a job. However, the chances of any of these happening are still somewhat possible.


With both SupaBord rolls and tapes being extremely durable, the incorrect application method of SupaBord can lead to some slight inconveniences, which is why we are here to inform all those who use our products about the correct application or removal of our tapes.

When applying either the Standard Duty or Heavy Duty rolls onto the surface being protected, we suggest that the edges are butted together rather than overlapping.


Leaving any kind of gap or inconsistencies between rolls means that spillage or damages may occur, or the possibility of our high level adhesive tapes sticking to timber flooring or concrete slabs.


The most common process we have discovered to effectively remove residue is to use an abrasive sponge or sanding block to break the wax layer on top of the joint tape, and then to use a paint brush and low odour turps or Shellite to break the gum down.


One contractor who has come across this issue used a nylon scraper as a method to not damage the surface, along with cloths and mineral turpentine- repeating this process.

*A disclaimer for all individuals who might use these as possible methods to remove any tape residue* Please ensure to test each method by themselves on site as all polished concrete and timber have different properties and coatings.


Our latest packaging design of SupaBord Joint tape gives Tradies and contractors an insight as to how to correctly apply and remove tapes without causing any damage on floors.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Peel back the edge of SupaBord Joint Tape and begin to unroll.
  2. Tape the SupaBord butt joints and long joints with SupaBord Joint Tape.
  3. Simultaneously apply firm pressure and smooth down the tape.
  4. Carefully cut the end with a utility knife.
  5. When finished, fold the edge of the tape back against the roll to use at a later time.
  6. To remove, roll up tape and discard
  7. Do not apply SupaBord Joint Tape to floor surfaces as it might affect some finishes


SupaBord Joint tape is a high-grade adhesive tape that keeps rolls joined together for up to 90 days!


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