As we start to step into the much-awaited summer and Melbourne, Australia breaks the world record of becoming the most locked down city in the world, we thought it would be the perfect time to get you occupied and starting your very garden bed. With summers coming in full swing, it is the prime time when most plants and gardens flourish to its full potential. In addition, gardens are one the most inexpensive ways to add beauty and character to your home/backyard. All you need is some SupaBord and a few other materials to get up and running on this DIY lockdown project. Through is article we will demonstrate how you can create your own garden bed and use SupaBord for DIY projects.

 Let’s get started!

  • Garden Tools – In order to get you started with your DIY garden bed, you need to make sure you have gardening tools such as Rake, Shovel, etc. These tools will be necessary to prepare the soil and the garden bed itself.
  • Garden Soil or Compost – Garden soil or compost can be bought from store; alternatively you can also create your own compost using your household organic waste. The choice of soil and the volume of soil will depend on the size of your garden bed and the requirements of the particular seed/plants to be planted.
  • Wood chips, Mulch or straw – these materials are quintessential for creating a moisture barrier in order to keep the soil moist for a prolonged period of time.
  • Raised Garden Bed – Depending on your goals, garden bed can be bought or constructed according to your specific requirements using wood, concrete blocks or bricks.
  • Weed Control – in order to control weed growth, a weed barrier needs to be placed at the bottom of the garden bed. This barrier should ideally be biodegradable, such as paper, which will decompose over time supplying the soil with the much-needed nutrients for the garden to flourish. This is where SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection comes into play. As SupaBord is made of 100% Recycled materials, it is completely biodegradable. SupaBord is an ideal product that can be used as a paper weed barrier or garden bed paper for your garden bed.
  • Seeds or Plant starts – After you have created a favourable environment for the plants to thrive, you can supply the garden bed with seeds/plants of your choice.

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