Not only is SupaBord an Australian only product, we have been distributing and selling our products to overseas customers for quite some time. We have recently established a partnership with Chryso, a European based Construction Company who have a strong vision and focus on sustainable construction practices!

Chryso Constructions have shifted their focus on minimising environmental impact when building both commercial and residential developments.

Appealing to more environmentally aware customers, they have implemented many initiatives to lower their carbon footprint. Some of these include

  • Using low CO2 concrete and cement
  • Using recycled materials and water aggregates
  • Implementing low-energy building systems

These are just some of the many methods that are being used by Chryso in order to provide high quality and sustainable finishes in any kind of development.


SupaBord products resonate deeply with the mission that Chryso adhere to, as we have a strong focus on sourcing our floor protection product materials in an ethical and sustainable manner.

By using 100% recycled materials and non bleached cardboard, SupaBord Temporary Flooring Protection is a mixture of recycled paper products including paper waste, ply paper fibre and polymer additives.

We use what is considered to be “waste” in other people’s eyes to further produce high-level floor protection. Then convert the remains into what is a useable and effective means of temporary floor protection.

As the state of the world and climate continues to change, its important that all industries who utilize raw materials manage them in an ethical and sustainable manner to ensure future generations have the ability to access these resources!

SupaBord always aim to provide the highest quality temporary floor protection product range, along with minimizing waste and environmental impact. With both Heavy Duty and Standard Duty range made from the exact same materials, you can expect either product to be ethically sourced and sustainable!

Check out our Instagram to see how our products are used on site along with how other Tradies and Contractors have used our products. Whether you’re protecting floors or stairs, SupaBord does it all!