Being on the cusp of returning to a “normal” life, Australians are witnessing the slow resurgence of stores and services reopening.

Despite the hardware and trade industry being not as affected as the Hospitality and retail industry, the way in which stores and companies operate will change forever.

During these times, the Hardware and construction industry have been the backbone for the Australian economy, keeping Australians active, employed and generating income.

Here at SupaBord, we have remained open throughout the pandemic that has struck, aiming to provide the highest level of floor protection and support to all contractors, hardware stores and suppliers to the timber and trade.

We are already selling a lot of our stock that had arrived earlier this month, we are now down to our final 4-5 pallets!

Rest assured however, we are constantly stocking up on SupaBord products– especially our Heavy-Duty Products and are looking to regain stock in the next 2 weeks!

In the meantime however, we have stock of our SupaBord Standard product range and MightyBord surface and floor protection product.

SupaBord Standard duty floor protection is essentially the same product as our HeavyDuty range with only a few slight differences. Its 0.5mm thick, covers 36.5sqm and is 800mm wide- a slightly smaller version than the Heavy Duty range.

MightyBord holds the same value and quality when it comes to protecting the surfaces and floors of any space during renovations as SupaBord, only this product has a greater focus on protecting Marble, tiles and prefinished floors as opposed to raw finished surfaces and concrete.

If any existing customers or future stockists have any questions in regards to SupaBord products/stock, along with MightyBord features and products, contact us here! Or by the following websites, social media profiles @supabord and @mightybord or by phone: 0438 567 786.


We are very much looking forward to store fronts returning back to normal!