With a busy construction season upon us, it’s only the inevitable that there will be an increase in traffic on site. Which is why we want to make sure that the floors you’re protecting with SupaBord will be in the same condition as before any renovation takes place.


Whilst it’s considered to be an obvious explanation, we can’t stress the importance of keeping any floor or surface in pristine condition enough!


The SupaBord Installation steps are as followed:

  1. Ensure the floor is clean and dry. We suggest using a clean rag to wipe along the edges
  2. Cut and lay SupaBord over the surface, make sure the butt joints are neat and fit well together
  3. Tape butt joints together with SupaBord Joint Tape, never apply directly to the floor
  4. Tape the edges of the SupaBord rolls with SupaBord Edge tape


Following these steps ensures that your floors will be protected to their upmost best, removing any possible threats.


Inside this article you will see some frequently asked questions and the respective answers to each of the FAQ’s


“How many times can I use SupaBord?”

  • Depending on the project and if the rolls are in reasonable condition, SupaBord can most definitely be reused!


“What surfaces can I use SupaBord on?”

  • SupaBord can be used on all floors, from timber to concrete, tile, marble and so forth. The “Breathable” feature allows for SupaBord to be an extremely versatile product!
  • SupaBord can also be used to protect surfaces such as bench tops and stairs


“How many layers of SupaBord do I need to cover a floor?”

  • Usually one layer of SupaBord is fine, however if there is more onsite traffic than usual, doubling up can also be an effective solution


How do I dispose of SupaBord once I’ve finished using it?”

  • SupaBord is made from 100% recycled materials! So it can be placed in the recycling bin with other paper materials


If you are still looking for more images of SupaBord being installed correctly, head over to our Instagram where we post new content on a regular basis!