SupaBord will feature in the Flooring Magazine

The Flooring Magazine, from Elite Publishing, is a dedicated trade publication which focusses on domestic and commercial flooring, floor covering industries and allied trades in both Australia and New Zealand.

SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection is happy to announce that we will have an insert in the June/July edition of the Flooring Magazine. We plan to continue our growth in Australia and New Zealand and the Flooring Magazine is a perfect channel for us to use. We believe we are a perfect fit for the magazine and we are looking forward to showcasing our temporary floor protection products.

The SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection insert will focus on the importance of breathability. This is important when it comes to protecting your flooring during construction. New flooring can be expensive and is likely to be installed earlier in the construction process. This means that having reliable flooring protection has become more and more important, especially for timber flooring.

It isn’t just about protecting the floor from accidental damages, but allowing the new floor to breath. Timber flooring that is unable to breath during the curing process can result in discolouration of the coating, uneven finishes and potential patchiness. These damages can result in increased labour and material costs, which can also lead to delayed jobs and reduced profits being made. Allowing the natural curing process to occur is something which we took into consideration when designing our SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection.

The June/July edition of the Flooring Magazine will be available from July 15th in both Australia and New Zealand. If you are a subscriber to the Flooring Magazine and love a good light reading, check out our insert!


For those in New Zealand, our SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection can be purchased under the StrongBond Label at Look Floors.

Flooring Magazine

Flooring Magazine

Flooring magazine