We’ve added a new subheading “Custom Printed Rolls” on the supaBord website!


Within this tab, it gives clients and contractors the capacity to learn more about our SupaBord products along with the ability to customise them.


At SupaBord, we offer custom floor protection rolls that allow for your companies logo and website to be placed on the rolls themselves.


Using our own specific paper construction, we have the ability to alter the thickness, width, bags and offer custom packaging. Our products coin


Having your logo placed on SupaBord rolls for large-scale jobs, can provide an increased level of exposure for yourself and your company, ultimately leading to an increase in sales and new networks.


As shown in one of our rolls below, we invite those who are interested in placing their logo on one of our flooring protection rolls to replace our logo with yours, or to also include your website further down below.


Using the same printing method for our existing product line, there is no difference in quality meaning that any kind of flooring will remain protected whether its as hardwood floors, engineered floors, vinyl, click laminate, tile, timber, hybrid, polished concrete, carpets, linoleum, VCT, marble, and terrazzo.

This service can be applied to both Standard and Heavy Duty SupaBord rolls, meaning that contractors with varying budgets have the flexibility to choose from different types of surface protection.

SupaBord products can withstand the varying climate across the world! Whether it’s in the high humidity conditions of Central and South America or extremely cold Scandinavian countries.

Our SupaBord products are complemented with lineal markers on the icon, logos and format which are unique to our product. Our production system is site proven and maintains the highest level of quality throughout the duration of a renovation space!


If clients and contractors are looking to customise SupaBord products, simply contact us here. Including your name, company, phone number, email and quantity.


Forming and maintaining new networks is a high priority for the team at SupaBord. We are always looking to provide high quality personalised products, for both domestic and international markets which can withstand all kinds of trade traffic and the varying conditions Tradies are exposed too around the world.

If you’re buying a product to put your brand on it you need to make sure that the quality of the paper is not going to diminish your brand.

There are some other companies offering this service and we have seen the quality of the paper, printing and packaging, that’s why Bord has an extensive range of clients who repeat order.

Some of those have tried other suppliers however have reverted back to us!

Instagram: @supabord

Email: sales@supabord.com.au