The past few weeks, the team at SupaBord have been conducting tests that compare the leading brands in temporary flooring protection. The brands we made a comparison with our Heavy Duty SupaBord was ‘Ramboard’ sold in Bunning’s, and ‘Guardboard’. Whilst similar in appearance, there are huge differences in quality and price. Read the post to find out more!

The comparison consisted of three different tests in areas that we believe are most important to those in the process of commercial, residential construction and renovation projects. These areas included a water/scuff test, a thickness test and a pricing comparison between all products. Below is an image how we put the temporary flooring protection to test.

From the ‘scuff’ comparison test:

We poured water over each product and scuffed them with our hand to see how each would compare. The conclusion was:

  1. SupaBord was left in tact with only the top layer of protection being compromised – still leaving protection for your floor.
  2. Ramboard’s product broke right through – leaving a hole, which could easily leave damage to your flooring during construction.
  3. Guardboard’s product kept strong; although did not prove to be spill resistant in comparison to SupaBord.

This shows the high quality and durability of SupaBord Heavy Duty flooring protection, as longevity of your floors is a high priority for us and our customers. To see images of how each product compared check out our Instagram: @supabord

The thickness and price comparison test was as follows:

Image result for ramboard heavy duty
RRP $79.95 RRP $99.95 RRP $99.95
1mm thickness 0.9mm thickness 0.5mm thickness


Thickness of flooring protection can be crucial in the longevity and life of your flooring. Make sure you get your moneys worth and stick with SupaBord – the industry favourite in flooring protection that’s recommended by contractors all around Australia and New Zealand. Stay tuned and follow our Instagram and YouTube to see more information regarding the comparison tests.