Born in Melbourne, Australia, SupaBord is the innovative solution dedicated to safeguarding your bespoke, high-quality flooring.

Conceived by Bord Industries, a collaboration between leading timber flooring manufacturers and one of Australia’s largest paper companies, SupaBord has emerged as the forefront of temporary floor protection.

Chosen by trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, SupaBord excels as a premium choice for commercial, residential construction, and renovation projects.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures a perfect blend of vapour permeability, durability, and versatility.

Crafted and tested by Bord Industries experts, SupaBord is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled materials, setting new standards for surface protection in the construction industry.

SupaBord’s flexibility and strength redefine protection standards for floors, bench tops, and stairs.

Trust in SupaBord for peace of mind, securing your valuable surfaces with the leading brand preferred by contractors worldwide.

Our success extends globally, reaching markets in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, China, and Japan.

SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection logo

In Australia, SupaBord has been featured on Channel 9’s “The Block” TV show, as well as hardware and timber trade articles and magazines, including the Australian Hardware Journal and Timber Trader News.

As we expand our global footprint, SupaBord invites you to join us on this journey.

Experience the unmatched quality of our premium floor protection solutions, redefining how you protect and preserve your valuable surfaces.